Do Trading with over 150 Instruments & 50 Currency Pairs with ETFinance Broker

Do Trading with over 150 Instruments & 50 Currency Pairs with ETFinance Broker

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ETFinance is one of the best online brokers and it was found in the year 2018. ETFinance offers forex trading, spread betting trading, and share dealing trading. The head office of ETFinance is in Cyprus. ETFinance brokers are global brokers. ETFinance is publically listed and this allows the traders to officially buy the shares in ETFinance as it has a listed stock symbol. It’s a very common thing whenever the traders are trading in the financial market; the only hardship they face is finding a broker that meets all your trading needs. What the trader does is that they read about many brokers and visit many websites.

And this can become a daunting task. And what is although more thwarting is the language in which they mention about the brokers. It is all coaxed and confusing. But through this review, all your confusion will come to an end, as this review is in simple language which will explain to you about the ETFinance in detail and the pros and cons of it. Now, to become successful in online trading one of the most important things is to have a reliable broker. You have to also make sure that the broker is not a fake one and is a legitimate broker under some authority.

Quick Review –

So, one such broker is the ETFinance- one of the most trusted and reliable broker of the recent times. Let me guide you in short about the broker. Firstly, ETFinance is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). It has its H.Q. in Cyprus. Its foundation year is 2018. And the minimum deposit that is required to start trading is $215. It is used by over 10,000 traders. And in some countries, ETFinance is not available. So, these are quick brass tacks about ETFinance in brief. Now we will look in detail about ETFinance.

Regulated Under Authority & Legitimate Broker –

Firstly, ETFinance is regulated by CySEC i.e. Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission. So, that means ETFinance comes under this authority or regulatory body. It means that ETFinance is regulated brokers who are legitimate. So, there are no chances that they will ditch you. Your investment and funds both are safe in the hands of ETFinance. Plus, it comes under this reputable regulatory authority i.e. CySEC which protects the interest and the investments of the customers. So, in case if any problem arises between the broker and the trader/customer, then this regulatory body comes into play i.e. they will resolve the dispute. Additionally, even if the broker becomes insolvent, still the funds/investment of the customer will be reimbursed through this regulatory body.

Sign up Process & No Manipulation –

Now let’s see into the sign-up procedure of the ETFinance accounts. When you sign up with the ETFinance account, it is advisable that you sign up for a demo account. Through this, you will get much knowledge about the company and the ETFinance trading platform. Next is that ETFinance accepts all kinds of traders. So, whether you are an experienced trader or a greenhorn trader, ETFinance will allow you to do trading with them. ETFinance brokers conduct all their trading activities under the supervision of the regulatory authority. As they are regulated broker, you can be sure that they will not manipulate market prices.

Withdrawal Request – Instant Processing

If perchance ETFinance disobeys the regulatory authority and violates any rules then their license will be cancelled. And when you send the request for withdrawal, your request will be honored and ETFinance will take instant steps to proceed further with your withdrawal request. They are not like other brokers who take time, make unnecessary delays and frustrate the customers. And any deposits that you will make with ETFinance that money of yours will be held in isolated bank accounts. This is for the extra security of your funds that such action is being taken.

Awards & Accounts –

Another ad-on security feature of ETFinance is that it uses a Tier1 system for the banks. When you choose ETFinance for trading it is advisable that you create two accounts – one is the real account with your own real money and another is a demo account. The demo account will be an experimental account. One of the amazing achievements of ETFinance is that it has won several industry awards. Its award includes the Meta Trader4 platform award and Best Multi-Asset Trading platform award.

Sponsorship &Fees & Trading –

ETFinance is a sponsor of events and sports also. With the help of sponsorship, ETFinance can return back to the community what the community has contributed with ETFinance and also build brand awareness. Real Madrid Basket Ball Team is being sponsored by ETFinance. Lastly, ETFinance withdrawal fees may differ on the payment method. ETFinance will not charge you for inactivity fees. So, even if your account is inactive for months, there is no fee that is applied to it. Plus, ETFinance doesn’t charge any deposit fee. You can trade over 150 instruments with ETFinance & over 50 currency pairs.

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